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See how we've helped our clients across 40 different industries.
Case Interview Question #01021: Let us discuss a case which we recently did at Accenture. The client Reliance Communications Ltd. (RCOM) is an Indian telecommunications company headquartered in Navi Mumbai, India. It provides CDMA, GSM (Voice, 2G, 3G) mobile services, fixed line broadband and voice…
Hello All, This is my first post, so please be gentle! I recently went through the ACN recruitment process as an experienced hire and got an offer. I thought I'd post some details about the case study as I couldn't find much info on the internet when I was researching it myself. I have found that they haven't
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2006 Accenture All Rights Reserved. 5. 14. 24. 27. 16. 3. Table of Contents. • What is a Case Interview? • The Case Interview Process. • “Soft” Evaluation Criteria. • Types of Case Interviews. • Sample Frameworks and Applications. • Practice Cases
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Consulting giant Accenture has developed a workplace strategy called "Workplace 2.0," which they piloted ...
Case studies are about understanding how you approach problems and break them down. Spend your time working on practice case studies you can find online. Try to get comfortable thinking through new problems in industries you are unfamiliar with.

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